Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson Giveaway

The incredibly talented Sarah Richardson recently came out with a book, Sarah Style. I do love Sarah Richardson’s work so I pre-ordered this book in the summer (yes, I was eager). When it arrived in the mail, it was exactly what I was hoping for – Sarah did not disappoint. You see, when I was […]

Purchases lately…

I’d like to start sharing with you some of my recent purchases… I like to shop, so try to keep up! After 7 years of using a salad spinner we received for a housewarming gift, it broke! I was happy to go out and purchase an OXO Salad Spinner from Homesense. I must say, I […]

In the pursuit of the perfect stool

I bought these stools at the Christie Antique show last spring for $30 to put in my new kitchen…. Here they are… I thought for $30 you can’t go wrong! I can reupholster them, clean up the legs and they’ll be good. I had great intentions but once I put them in the kitchen it […]

Picking a new front door

I have some fun decisions to make in the next couple of weeks! The first is deciding what style of front door we want! While searching for one I have realized there are many styles I DON’T like. I won’t post any as I don’t want to offend any one but there are some interesting […]

Make your own pinboard

If you haven’t already tried this out, please do yourself a favour and make a pinboard for your office or for a central spot where you can always use some extra organization or inspiration. I know everyone is loving the chalkboard paint at the moment (if you don’t know what I’m talking about just google […]

Choosing kitchen appliances

Warning- if you are not shopping for appliances, most likely you will not find this interesting. Until recently I couldn’t tell you what appliances my friends had. I didn’t know what a sub-zero fridge was and had no clue how much the nice looking ovens with the red knobs were. 4 Years ago my husband […]

Updating your living room

I went to the Marilyn Denis Show last spring,  Michael Penny was on and he showed us simple ways to update your living room What are the differences? well let’s start with the coffee table… Spray painting an old piece of furniture is a very easy way to update your look with low cost. If […]

Kitchen Inspiration

Time to start putting ideas together for our main floor renovation! Some people would already have their inspiration board ready months before they start renovating but we are 1-2 months away and I do not have anything. I have an idea of how we would like our kitchen to look like but I just need […]

Happy Father’s Day!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Special mention to my dad, it was a tough start for him in 2012 but here we are on Father’s Day and he is getting back to his normal state – Couldn’t be happier!! He picked me up on his motorcycle last week and went for a ride… […]