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My Experience with Sleep Training

I want to start this off by saying that this post is not sponsored. I just felt the need to share something with other parents… we sleep trained our toddler and it worked!! When I had my first child I went to a support group after about 2 months just to see what other moms were […]

How to Make a Changing Table Topper

When I was working on Nathan’s nursery I had to watch my budget so when it came time to looking for a change table topper I couldn’t believe what I found…. Like this option from Pottery Barn? It’s yours for $1300! I can’t believe it that someone would pay this… you can easily search for […]

Baby Gear Suggestions from a New Mom

Obviously I’m still very new to this world of motherhood but I thought I would share some of the items I couldn’t live without since Nathan was born, up to where he is now (4 months). 1- 4moms mamaRoo I fell in love with this the minute Nathan stopped crying when I put him in […]