Personalize Your Kitchen with New Window Treatments

After we renovated our kitchen, I knew our window needed some type of window treatment but I didn’t know what to use until I read this post on Young House Love that featured faux wood blinds from the Home Depot.  Luckily our Home Depot in Canada carried the same blinds! After seeing them in person, […]

How to Make a Changing Table Topper

When I was working on Nathan’s nursery I had to watch my budget so when it came time to looking for a change table topper I couldn’t believe what I found…. Like this option from Pottery Barn? It’s yours for $1300! I can’t believe it that someone would pay this… you can easily search for […]

Update light fixtures with spray paint

I’m back!! June was a bit crazy, we have been moving everything into our new space and some other things came up but I have a lot to share with you over the next few months starting with this…. Remember these pendants light I bought last September at the Christie Antiques Show? We refinished them […]

Make your own pinboard

If you haven’t already tried this out, please do yourself a favour and make a pinboard for your office or for a central spot where you can always use some extra organization or inspiration. I know everyone is loving the chalkboard paint at the moment (if you don’t know what I’m talking about just google […]

We started demolition!

This past Saturday we finally started demolishing our main floor! So exciting! In case you missed it here are the plans. I always thought demolition would be easy… knock down some walls, the ceiling and carry it to the bin! Well that one wall breaks up into thousands of pieces, then you have batt insulation […]

Our floor plans for the main floor renovation

Finally… I’m so excited to share the plans for our main floor renovation. This is our existing floor plan. You can see how much living space we have and how it is all broken up. The room on the back was the addition that was built by the previous owners. After the addition was added […]