Personalize Your Kitchen with New Window Treatments

After we renovated our kitchen, I knew our window needed some type of window treatment but I didn’t know what to use until I read this post on Young House Love that featured faux wood blinds from the Home Depot.  Luckily our Home Depot in Canada carried the same blinds! After seeing them in person, […]

I’m Now Ready for Fall to Begin

This past weekend was full of fun fall activities, which was appropriate since fall begins tomorrow. I made a fall planter, we visited a pumpkin patch, and went to a fair to watch the first demolition derby of the season!       Hope you had a great weekend!!

Strawberry Fields Forever…

I’m loving being on maternity leave in the summer. I get the chance to do things I would usually think that I had no time to do… like pick strawberries! I loved picking strawberries when I was a kid so it was really nice to head out to a farm with my 9 mo son […]

From the Weekend: Happy Father’s Day!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I’m just recovering, it was a busy one. We went to the Sound of Music festival a few times and had our families over for a BBQ on Father’s Day…. I didn’t want the weekend to end! Father’s day can be a tough one because I know not everyone […]

Christie Antique Show: Spring 2014

I have been looking for an umbrella stand for a while now… wasn’t looking for a particular style or material. I didn’t want to buy something new, only vintage. Once again, finding an umbrella stand was my goal going into the Christie Antique Show and I found one for $25! It is a copper stand […]

Let’s Do Spring with the Home Depot: Part 1

  I was invited to the Home Depot’s Spring preview. I was pretty lucky as it was just what I needed to get my mind off the cold weather (I live in Canada) and start thinking about patio weather! The preview showcased 4 different looks. We’ll start with the first collection by Brown Jordan. Brown […]

Pretty Pastels

I love watching movies, especially the ones that are worthy of an Oscar. I am lucky enough to go to the Toronto International Film Festival every year – this past year was questionable because I was 38 weeks pregnant at the time. Luckily, Nathan knew how big of a fan I was and decided to […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone out there!! photo of N’s perfect little feet courtesy of Lolabean photography Sometimes I miss those days of getting a bag full of valentine’s cards at school! I hope they still do this, it’s so cute!!! photo via- Never Listless I will be spending most of the day attempting to […]