IKEA Hack – Custom Art

I bought 4 beautiful botanical prints from the Christie Antique Show a few years and decided to hang them in the one corner of my home office as it needed some love. There was a problem though…the prints were an awkward size and none of the standard frames or mats would work with the prints! […]

DIY Christmas Wreath

This post is about transforming an ordinary fresh wreath into something more festive, one that works with your decor and style. One of my friends loves decorating her porch for the Christmas season and this year I was so impressed with her DIY wreath and planters that I had to share what she did…. It […]

Dining Room Reveal

In honour of the Christie Antique Show that is happening tomorrow, I would love to share with you our new dining room and the story behind it! The story of our dining room starts with my dad… he had been looking for a dining room set for me. I would get calls from him that he […]

Painted Furniture

Want a quick way to update something in your home? You should go ahead and paint something! I have painted many things in our house – a dish rack to hold books for my son’s room, bathroom tile, our kitchen counter (when we first moved in), wood paneling, multiple items in the nursery, a bookcase that […]