Gift Guide for Him

It’s here, gift guide # 2! Last week I posted all of my favourite gift for the ladies and now it’s time for the men! I carefully selected some amazing gifts with the help of my husband! So if you are shopping for your dad, husband, brother,  best friend, boyfriend or your friendly mailman… you will be inspired by one of these gifts below! Happy Shopping!

1. Lululemon |2. Speaker Box |3. Bottlekeeper4. Hiking boots5. Book of the Month | 6. Screwdriver set | 7. Backpack8. Coffee maker9. Popcorn10. Sneakers | 11. Watch | 12. 3-piece tool set |13. Hammer

1. Lululemon – I just bought this actually for a present, it is really soft and I love the look of it. Shhh don’t tell Matt!

2. Speaker Box – This will come in handy for many reasons… take it to the beach, travel with it, bring it in the garage, use it in your backyard… so many options and it looks very stylish.

3. Bottlekeeper – This wonderful invention keeps your bottle of beer cold and even had a bottle opener in the lid! I could have used this last weekend at the Santa Claus parade!

4. Hiking boots – Why not keep his feet dry with these waterproof leather boots! I’m tempted to put a pair under the Christmas tree for Matt!

5. Book of the Month – I recently spoke to a very intelligent man at a Christmas party (keep in mind this party served no alcohol so my judgement was not skewed) and he mentioned that he thinks it’s very important to keep reading, the younger generations are missing out. Giving the gift of a book a month sounds like a great start!

6. Screwdriver set Matt loves this brand, this was the first set he bought and continues to use it. He likes the handle, the way the ends don’t wear down or strip.

7. Backpack – This is very stylish, a great price and a brand that I love.

8. Coffee maker – Matt is obsessed with this, he bought it to use when we go camping. I tried it last summer and I was really impressed. It also makes tea!

9. Popcorn – Get the classic mix and he will not be disappointed! We don’t get Garrett’s in Canada so I used to drive across the border to pick up tins to give out to family for a present! Now we have kids, no time, and I’m missing this amazing popcorn.

10. Sneakers – These came out 30 years ago and now they are back. They are hard to keep in stock. I would love to get a pair for Matt! Not convinced? Read more about them here.

11. Watch – I’m always look for a nice men’s watch that doesn’t cost a lot of money. I love the styles of this brand and the price point is great. Check out all of the reviews!

12. 3-piece tool set – He also recommends a wire stripper in your kit, he sent me this 3-piece set and said it was a good price and one of his favourite tool brands.

13. Hammer – I asked my husband what was one tool that he couldn’t live without and he said this hammer would be at the top.


Did I miss anything? Let me know below!

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