My Favourite Fall 2018 One Room Challenge Spaces

Featured Image via Vanessa Francis Design

As most of you know, I’m a big fan of the One Room Challenge! It’s a challenge to redesign a room(s) in 6 weeks! It’s not a easy challenge, I participated twice – master bedroom, powder room. I would love to participate again! I wanted to share some of my favourite reveals from the challenge. Enjoy!

Featured Designers 

There were 20 featured designers this year. You can look at all of their reveals here. I loved them all but ended up choosing two!

Erin Kestenbaum participated in the last ORC and was chosen as one of the 2 participants to be featured as a designer in the fall orc. Check out her GORGEOUS master bathroom. She did an amazing job with the master bedroom and walk-in closet. Be sure to look through her reveal post to see the many details from both rooms!

See more at Erin Kestenbaum Interiors ~

Michelle Gage was able to transform her ketchup and mustard coloured walls into a beautiful masterpiece. I love the wallpaper and the paneling detail which reminds me of my dining room a bit! Her husband was able to build some pretty fantastic shelving.

See more at Michelle Gage Interior Design ~

Guest Participants

Ok, let’s go have a look at some of my favourite reveals from the guest participants. There were 261 final reveal posts! As much as I want to support the feature designers, I like putting more focus on the guest participants. These are the people who most likely don’t have the whole room sponsored, they may not work as a full-time interior designer and still finish with an amazing reveal! Some of them may not even finish the room. It’s a tough challenge! I give so much credit to everyone who participated in this challenge.


I really loved how Liz put all of her heart into this bathroom. Her husband, Ryan, built that beautiful vanity! They did so much work themselves, if you like DIYs make sure you read head over the her site.

See more at Within the Grove ~

Stacy is all about restoring and preserving, something you don’t see as often anymore. She did a wonderful job restoring the original wainscoting and the marble sink. The sink is about 120 years old!

See more at Blake Hill House ~


I think I’ll start with the fact that anyone who attempts to do a kitchen in 6 weeks deserves so much praise! They are very brave and must be very motivated! I’m sharing a few of my favourites.

Interior designer Vanessa Francis is no stranger to the ORC. This is her 9th challenge! This time she helped design her sister’s kitchen. Vanessa is extremely nice, I met her a long time ago and she is just as nice in person! Make sure you go look at the full kitchen reveal and then scroll to the bottom to see her past ORC challenge reveals!

See more at Vanessa Francis Design ~

I always love a good before and after and this reveal post does not disappoint! Make sure you take a look through to see all of the different angles of this beautiful transformation. Studio Plumb really opens your eyes to what a room can be if you see past the ugly cabinets and colours!

See more at Studio Plumb ~

I thought this reveal was interesting. If you look at what the kitchen looked like before, it looked nice!! Melissa took this kitchen and added so much personality to the room! This is what I love about the ORC, it doesn’t always have to be about starting with the ugliest room. This kitchen clearly wasn’t working for Melissa and now it’s full of life!

See more at Polished Habitat ~

Kids Room/Nursery

Carley Brandon decided to give her niece and nephew new rooms! I love how colourful the big girl room and nursery are. My son’s room has no shortage of colour so I’m definitely drawn to rooms like this.

See more at Carley Brandon Designs ~

I love this boys room. I saw a lot of shared rooms in the ORC! Danielle and Michael wanted to do each bed to match their son’s personality. I adore the framed prints behind the bed. The colours work well and they were able to give this room new energy, I’m sure the boys love it!

See more at Clark + Aldine ~ 

I learned something new reading the story behind this room. Em wanted to create a shared bedroom for her two sons, it’s called “hyggeligt” (Danish for “snug and cozy”). She was able to make this room much cozier by adding comfortable seating in the reading nook, some beautiful bedding and changed the window treatments.

See more at la casa, la selva ~

This nursery used to be for her big brother! Melissa found out she was having a girl and updated the nursery. She did an amazing job. Go have a look at what the room started off as, her adorable boy nursery and now this reveal!

See more at Melissa Lynch ~

Thalita created this adorable shared room for her two boys. I love the bedding and that wallpaper. She did a great job styling the room.

See more at the Learner Observer ~

Master Bedroom

At first when I looked at Emily’s final reveal, I had to compare between the before and after picture a few times. I wanted to see what changed. They weren’t huge changes but made a big enough difference to bring this room to a proper master bedroom level. She built a fireplace with her dad which I love. She offers a great way to revamp IKEA curtains! Go check it out!

See more at the Sweet Beast ~

More favourites….

There was an exterior reveal? how?? lol. I’m impressed that Jessica took on the task of updating her exterior for this challenge. She replaced siding, new windows, painted brick AND did some landscaping. Well done, Jessica!

See more at House Homemade ~

If you haven’t met Teri, you must head over to her Instagram account. She is one of the good ones, the reason why I stay on Instagram, to connect with people like Teri! She redesigned her dining room in the spring ORC and this time, she renovated her entryway.  You need to go check out her staircase makeover. The final reveal of her entryway looks amazing!

See more at T.Moore Home ~

Kelly Hartley participated for a second time in the ORC and this time she decided to makeover her closed door pantry into a butler’s pantry! This is so creative, I know others will be very inspired by this reveal!

See more at Hartley Home ~

If a room isn’t serving a purpose in your house, it’s time to figure out how can it help you and make your life easier. This is what Rachel did when she designed this room for her family. She wanted a space for her daughters to play in and also a space for the adults to hang out in with them! What a cheerful space!

See more at Harper Rae Design Co. ~

I adore this office space. Sarah removed a wood feature wall then added some freshly painted IKEA cabinets and wallpaper. They used an IKEA filing cabinet and it looks great in the room. I may need to refer back to this when I eventually renovate our office space!

See more at Making JOY and Pretty things ~ 

Instagram only Participants

A Grandparents’ guest bedroom? this is adorable! Kimberly did a fantastic job and I can’t believe she was almost due when she was completing this room!

See more @avalanche_design_co

Robyn chose to do her dining room and living room for the ORC. She did not disappoint! I love the addition of the shiplap and the DIY project with the billy bookcase from IKEA!

See more @cloveandtaylor

Meghan entered on the Instagram only page but now she has a new blog which is so exciting! Her son’s nursery is adorable, there are so many great design details in this room.

See more at Reihman Road ~ 

Those are some of my favourite spaces from the Fall 2018 One Room Challenge! It was hard to narrow it down because there are so many great reveals!

Did I miss any? Let me know your favourite rooms below!