DIY Christmas Wreath

This post is about transforming an ordinary fresh wreath into something more festive, one that works with your decor and style. One of my friends loves decorating her porch for the Christmas season and this year I was so impressed with her DIY wreath and planters that I had to share what she did….

It started with Sarah seeing a beautiful $149 custom wreath at a local floral shop, not wanting to spend that kind of money she bought this wreath from Costco for $17.99 and decided to get creative!

Sarah removed the red berries, added some blue berries, boxwood branches, and a pretty bow!

I love how simple it is to transform a $17.99 wreath into a gorgeous custom wreath!

You can do the same thing with your planters… she found an inspiring planter at the same place that costs $$$. So she bought a plain insert and added in her own materials, most were leftover from the wreath!

She inspired me, I took a picture on what I liked and made the same thing for $40 less!

So pretty!! Very inspiring!

Enjoy your weekend! ox