One Room Challenge, Week 6: Bathroom Refresh 

Here we are… the week before the final reveal! This was actually supposed to be the  final reveal but they extended it by one week due to natural disasters and unforeseen circumstances affecting shipments in the United States.

I’m very excited to see everyone’s big reveals next week and can’t wait to show you how my one Room Challenge turned out!

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My powder room is almost done. This past week was much calmer than the last week. My main concern has been the art and what frames to buy. I bought some from Michaels and Indigo but they weren’t the right colour. I think I will end up buying this from IKEA.

I found some I like from Wayfair but they won’t arrive in time!

Here is what that is left to do as of today:

  • Buy two frames
  • Get a custom mat made
  • Hang the art
  • Accessorize the bathroom which won’t take much. I wasn’t sure what to get for the waste basket so I ordered one last night at midnight and I’m not sure if it’s going to work!
  • Pictures get taken on Monday!

I wanted to share with you how we installed the beadboard because it was pretty easy and makes a big impact to any room!

1. Measure the room to see how much paneling you will need to buy.

2. Purchase your materials – I used the solid wood beadboard because I liked the weight of it. I have used a sheet before and I liked it but I felt like it wasn’t the right fit for my bathroom. I did use it on the back of my dining room hutch.

3. Make sure the trim around the door is installed before starting.

4. Measure to see what height you want the paneling. Keep in mind you will be adding something like a chair rail to finish it off at the top. Cut with a mitre saw.

5. Use a level to make a straight line along the room.

6. Apply PL adhesive. My husband likes to do 4 horizontal lines across to help secure it.

7. Start installing the beadboard at one corner. Use a level to make sure it is vertically level after each board before moving on to nailing it in.

8. Grab your finishing nailer and nail in 3 spots using 1-1/4″ finishing nails… top, middle and bottom. The only exposed nail hole will be the middle because the top will be covered by the chair rail and the bottom will be covered by the baseboard.

9. Keep doing this until you get to the last board for that wall and then measure the remaining distance. You will need to use a table saw to rip down the piece an 1/8″ smaller than that distance you measured.

10. Repeat the steps for the remaining walls. If you are installing in a bathroom you will need to cut around the plumbing. When you get to the point where the board hits the pipe, you will need to measure to the pipe vertically and horizontally and cut using a hole saw. Make sure to install wall plates over the holes.

11. Install baseboard, chair rail, fill nails holes, and use a caulking gun to fill in the gaps along the bottom and top.

12. If you are going to paint it, I would apply primer first and then paint. We used a pearl finish.

13. You are done! Come back next week to see how ours turned out once it was painted!!

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