One Room Challenge, Week 3 – Bathroom Refresh

Welcome! We are at week 3 and I’m starting to panic a bit! I realize this is a very small room but the weeks are going by too fast. I give so much credit to all of the people doing a bigger space! One big space that I’m watching is Vanessa Francis… she is doing her basement, it is going to be amazing and I can’t wait to see it!

Week 1 | Week 2

Progress since my last post:

1. I found a mirror on Kijiji but the owner of this mirror lived hours away!! (I hate when this happens) Luckily for me, her husband was driving by my area for business and I met him yesterday to pick it up! Lesson for everyone out there…. just ask, you never know what they will say!

I bought this mirror from a couple who used the mirror for their Hawaiian themed wedding receptions, they wrote the bar menu on the mirror! I love it and I can’t wait to paint it. I have some extra white paint that I will used on it.

2. Art – I connected with Niki Kingsmill who is a very talented artist, I will be contacting her very soon with some ideas!

3. Wallpaper! I chose this wallpaper and it arrived yesterday from Wayfair! I’m so excited, the wallpaper will be installed next week! I am very excited for this big step as I think it’s been about 4 years that I have wanted to see wallpaper in this room.

I wanted something fun and a bit different but this room is used often by my kids so I didn’t want to get too crazy so when I saw the cranes wallpaper I knew it was the one! The Jade colour works well with the room!

What I need to do in the next week…

  1. Buy all of the material for the paneling
  2. Purchase sconces
  3. Start to finalize what art I would like the room

I need some help with the powder room, should I add pot lights to the powder room? or keep it just with the sconces? I didn’t even think of pot lights until I saw a room with them and it was a powder room!

Good luck to the rest of the participants, don’t forget to check out their progress for week 3!

Here are some other fun wallpaper patterns that I found on Wayfair that would look great in a bathroom or any other room…

1- Cheetahs / 2- Innocence Auro Floral  / 3-  Meadow Animal / 4- Wild Flower / 5- Herbarium Motif / 6- Waves of Chic Scenic /  7- Ashford Toiles / 8- Floral Teahouse / 9- French Dressing

Wallpaper is c/o of Wayfair. All opinions and thoughts are my own.