One Room Challenge, Week 2: Bathroom Refresh

Welcome to week 2 of the One Room Challenge!

If you are new to Sweet Maple, I am giving my powder room a little facelift. I knew it needed more character but didn’t realize how much it was missing until I posted the inspiration pictures and the current pictures of my bathroom in week 1.

This past week was spent trying to collect my thoughts on what needed to happen to meet my goals and I’m realizing that the next 4 weeks are going to go by very quickly!

I’ve written a list of what needs to be done:

  • Book someone to install wallpaper
  • Get wallpaper
  • Choose and install new lighting
  • Decide if I want a new mirror
  • Buy bathroom accessories
  • Decide on what type of art for the bathroom
  • Buy frames
  • Decide on wall paneling
  • Paint wall paneling
  • Install a new bathroom door

One thing that I need to decide on soon is what time of paneling I will do for the bottom portion of the wall to add some architectural detail.

I was at Home Depot this past weekend and was trying to decide between beadboard and v-groove paneling.

If you are unsure of what v-groove paneling is, don’t worry… I didn’t know until I started following Emily Henderson! This is v-groove:

via Emily Henderson

Pretty nice, eh? It’s hard to resist adding paneling to a bathroom after following Emily Henderson for a few years!

via Emily Henderson

This is beadboard:

via Emily Henderson

via Emily Henderson

via Emily Henderson 

I’m currently leaning towards……. beadboard! I actually have v-groove paneling in our master bath and I do love it, I just feel like the powder room needs a bit more detail with the extra lines running down compared to the wider panels of the v-groove paneling. What do you guys think? 

I feel like these last two weeks could have been more productive but I am making progress and plan to get a few more things crossed off the list before week 3!

As I’m typing this post I’m working on purchasing a mirror off Kijiji… wish me luck as I may have to meet him in a parking lot next week.

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