One Room Challenge, Week 1: Bathroom Refresh

Hello! I’m very excited to say that I’m back to do another One Room Challenge… I did this challenge for our master bedroom in spring 2015 and it was a bit crazy but I still love how it turned out. I like this challenge because it forces me to finish a room in 6 weeks. This time I have chosen our powder room.

We did renovate our powder room about 5-6 years ago but I’m not feeling this room anymore and I know I can do better! This isn’t a big renovation but with two kids and a full-time job, it will keep me busy!

This is how it started off:

Then we took our the carpet, laid some tile and put in a new toilet, vanity, mirror and sconces.

So it does look better but there isn’t much personality to this room. I loved those sconces years ago but I would like to change the style and find a mirror with more character. I have wanted to add wallpaper to this room for about 3-4 years now so I think it’s time I did it!!

The art is nice but I know I can do better. The mats are different shades of white and they don’t really go well together.

The room is pretty small but these blank grey walls aren’t helping this situation.

Come back next week and I’ll share my plans for this room and how to give it a proper bathroom refresh! In the meantime, here are some pictures that are inspiring me to take on this challenge!

Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson

Emily Henderson

Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson

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