How to Make a Glitter House

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I came across Putz/glitter houses last Christmas but I could only find them online and shipping was either too expensive or would have arrived after Christmas… in case you haven’t heard of a putz house and want to read more about it, have a look at this.

When I started looking this year, I found some in Michaels and HomeSense! I also saw a plain white paper house in Michaels which gave me the idea to make my own. I tried to find some tutorials online but I couldn’t find much, there were some focused on building the house but I already had the house! I thought I would just try it out on my own and let you guys know what worked and what didn’t work!

Step 1: Buy all of your supplies in 1 trip, not 3 like me! I purchased all of mine from Michaels. You will need a house, any accessories to add to the board, velum paper for the windows, some kind of fake snow or cotton to put on your house (if you like that look), paint for the house, a board for the house to sit on (you can find something like this at any craft store), glue, brushes and GLITTER!!!



Step 2: Paint the house and the base that the house will sit on.


I decided to paint my house blue… this is where you can get VERY creative. Your house could be any colour you wish… I was tempted to leave it white but I was feeling the blue.


Step 3: Make a chimney (you may not need to if your house came with one or if you don’t want to have one!). I used a piece of bristol board, and set it on the roof with super glue. It’s not perfect but once you paint it and add glitter it’s fine!


Step 4: I didn’t do this particular step after painting the house because I wasn’t able to sit down and complete this house in one afternoon. However, if I did have the time to complete it in one day, I would add the glitter to the base while I waited for the paint to dry. You should do this over a paper plate because you will be shaking off a lot of excess glitter so you don’t want all that to go to waste… I just added the glitter back in the container after I was done.


Step 5: Add other paint colours (if you want to…), use a 2nd paint colour to paint the window trim, maybe paint the roof a different colour? You have a lot of options!


Step 6: While waiting for the paint to dry, assemble any accessories you bought on the base. I used Gorilla super glue for this step and it worked well, I didn’t have any issues.



Step 7: I added some fake snow to the roof. I used Recollections Snow Paste from Michaels and it worked really well, the texture is really cool. Let dry.

Some of the glitter houses I have seen online or in the stores looks like they maybe used cotton on the roof? I’m really not sure… that would be my guess! If anyone knows, please let me know!:)


Step 8: I taped the velum (translucent) paper to the back of the windows before adding the glitter to the house. Not really sure if this is a must, you could do it after. I just thought it wouldn’t be bad if some of the glitter got on the velum paper.


Step 9: Add glue to the roof of the house (I used Elmer’s glue) and sprinkle glitter all over. Again, I did this over a paper plate so I could add the excess glitter back to the container. Make sure not to make the glue too thin on the surface, you want just enough on there to catch a good amount of glitter. I didn’t put enough glue on the first time around so I had to go back and repeat the process. Let dry.

Once the roof is dry, repeat on the rest of the house.


By now you should have very glittery house! It does take some time but if you are prepared, and know what glitter you want and buy the right paint colours, you should be good. I had to run out to Michaels a few times because I decided I wanted gold glitter on the roof and then bought an extra fine glitter (far right) for the house which didn’t work so I needed to go back out and buy a new one (far left).

I decided not to glue the house to the board because I wanted to add a battery operated candle in the house to turn on at night.

Here is my glitter house! It definitely took more time than I thought it would but I’m very happy with it!!





If you have any tips or comments, please share below!

Merry Christmas!