Happy Friday!!

Hope you have had a lovely week… I’m pretty excited April is here!

My goal is to get organized this month! I need to continue organizing our home office. I have already started using this method in my filing cabinet but I still have work to do.

Now that we have 2 kids, every bedroom closet is a disaster – I need to set aside time to organize the closets. We updated our master bedroom last spring but we haven’t worked on the closet. I have been busy pinning closet organization ideas and I think we are going with this one.

Since I’ll be combining my closet with my husband (dreading this…) I’ll need to do some major purging and then I’ll need to go on a shopping spree at J.Crew.


For now, I bought this gingham shirt dress… I loved that it is so long (I’m 5′ 11″).

Check out these links I’m loving this week…

What would be your go-to product if you only had time to apply one? I always use mascara and usually fill in my eyebrows.

Apparently, resting bitch race is crucial to evolution. I saw my resting bitch face while walking past a mirror in HomeSense the other week, I was caught off guard!!

This top is so pretty.

I’m already thinking of summer BBQ season… I would love to make this strawberry mascarpone tart.

Have you seen this? I would jump up and down like this too if I solved the puzzle with one letter.


I think I need to plan ahead for April Fools’ Day 2017. Here is one joke that did not go so well today.

Have a great weekend!