One Room Challenge Week 4: Paint, Lighting, and Fabrics

week 4

Hello! Welcome back to the One Week Challenge. Here we are at week 4, I’m happy with the progress I’m making because last week I was thinking next week was the final week (yes, I’m losing it) so I was very relieved when I realized I have until May 7 to have our Master Bedroom finished!! I know I will be panicking next week.


We finally painted the room, I’m happy to have a guest room that we can crash in until the new bed is assembled and the paint fumes are gone. The second coat of paint went on tonight… I hope I picked the right colour! I stuck with my initial choice of Surf from the Para Paints Sarah Richardson collection.  We just need to paint the baseboards white and we’ll be good to go.

The original hardwood flooring isn’t permanent but it will be a year or two before we replace the flooring on the bedroom level, so it will have to do for now!



I made some great progress with lighting since last week. While talking to my wonderful friend Michelle about my table lamp dilemma, she said she would keep an eye out for lamps while shopping along Queen West (in Toronto) last weekend. Only a few hours later I got a text from her that she found the perfect lamp for our room from Morba!

They are vintage, hand painted ceramic base lamps from the 1950s. The lamps were from the owner’s prop department and were used for commercials and shows. I’m pretty excited because the colours go with the room and I always love a good vintage find…. Thank you, Michelle!


For the ceiling light, I found one on Kijiji for $50! The girl who sold it to me lived 45 mins away from me but my brother just happened to be in her area that night, so after many texts to my brother begging him to meet some stranger in a random plaza…. I got it!



I’m still undecided on the fabrics… I need to make a final decision what the curtains will be made out of, the headboard, and two euro pillows. It is between these three fabrics (I have my new pillow sham in there along with the Surf paint chip) and right now I’m leaning towards the stripe for the headboard, floral for the euro pillows and linen for the curtains.


I think I need to make a trip to Toronto to pick out the best linen, fabric for my chair, and pick 2 other fabrics for pillows on the bed.

These are the fabric samples I ordered from Tonic Living that aren’t working for me (just goes to show you that it’s always good to order a sample before you buy the fabric):


Let’s have a quick look at my list…

To-Do List:

  1. Upgrade our queen bed to a king
  2. Paint the room
  3. Pick out fabrics- Need to finalize this
  4. Purchase a rug that actually fits the room and bed – Working on it
  5. Reconfigure the room to fit the king bed and 2 nightstands while keeping a makeup vanity and the dresser
  6. Ask my mom to make custom curtains (Don’t worry Mom, I will help!)
  7. Make an upholstered headboard
  8. Refinish 2 nightstands that I bought from a garage sale
  9. Refinish and reupholster a chair for my makeup vanity – I have decided I don’t need to refinish the chair, the wood is in really good condition (it’s been sitting in my basement for over a year so I forgot)… yay! one less thing to do.
  10. Decide on wall decor
  11. Replace the closet doors, ceiling light, and finish whatever else needs to be done to make this room our perfect retreat!

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