Baby Toys for 6 to 12 Months

I posted some of my essentials items for a newborn, now I’d like to share with you some of the things that Nathan loved from about 6 to 12 months. These are items that have moved along with him from floor play, learning to stand, starting to walk, and now running! I’m sure I’m missing at least 5 items I could add to this list so please feel free to share some of the things your baby loved during this age!

Baby toys

1 – When I received this LeapFrog puppy for a shower gift (that I DIDN’T register for..) I was thinking I would give it away haha. Not sure why.. just something about the puppy didn’t appeal to me. Well I can now say, this is one of Nathan’s favourite toys. Scout is very interactive, Nathan dances along to the songs, learned how to press the buttons,  and now he gives Scout a hug and a kiss.

2 – The Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train is a toy that keeps on giving (Thanks Mom)! He started out playing with the alphabet blocks when he was just over 6 months, getting plenty of floor time with it, used it to learn how to walk, learned how to sit on the carriage by himself, and is now sitting on it while using his feet to get around the house (he is 13 months right now).

3 – The Baby Einstein Activity Table was great when he was just learning to crawl because you can remove the legs. We then added the legs and it would encourage him to pull himself up onto the table (it is sturdy but I was right there just in case). He has lost interest in it over the last month, but still occasionally plays the piano.

4 – I wasn’t going to put the Fisher-Price Jumperoo on the list because I feel like Nathan didn’t get as much use out of this because he only used it for about 4 months. However, Matt reminded me that he did love it (Thanks Nana!), even if it was 4 months, and recommended that I add it to the list.

5 – I bought Nathan his own cooking set when he was about 8 months, took him a bit to get into it but he loves banging them and is now role-playing with them. Very cute for under $10.

6 – Nathan got the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Kitchen last Christmas (Thanks Candice!) and he loves it. He started taking interest in it around 6 months and still plays with it. Be warned, the songs will stay in your head all day.

7 – I have had Fuzzy Bee and Friends memorized for quite some time and this is still one of his favourite books. It is very interactive with large cartoon bugs that you can touch and feel. Did I mention it was cloth? 🙂

8 – When Nathan was crawling, pulling himself up, and learning to walk, he used the Vtech Sit-to-Stand Walker a lot. He stopped using it around 11 months once he got the hang of walking on his own. I was nervous at first when he would push it but I was always there with him. Definitely recommend this to help your little one start standing and walking.