Purchases lately…

I’d like to start sharing with you some of my recent purchases… I like to shop, so try to keep up!

After 7 years of using a salad spinner we received for a housewarming gift, it broke! I was happy to go out and purchase an OXO Salad Spinner from Homesense. I must say, I love it!

32480_Salad Spinner_clear


I’m done with disposable swim diapers, the AppleCheeks swim diaper came highly recommended by a few friends. I love all the bright colours and the softness of the diaper. Even better, AppleCheeks is a Canadian company!


I finally got to purchase some items from the Sarah Richardson Collection for Hallmark. The collection is very Sarah.



Two round trip tickets to the Toronto Islands… Matt, Nathan and I went last weekend and it was a lot of fun for $14.00! I grew up close to Toronto but had never been. It was fun exploring the different islands and getting a glimpse of the island life! The islands comprise the largest urban car-free community in North America.  There are just under 300 homes on the islands. If you live near Toronto and have never checked it out, you should definitely pack a lunch and head over… there is even a clothing-optional beach! I wanted to take a look but Matt wouldn’t let me.


Do you have any recent purchases you’d like to share?