James’ Cheerful and Calm Nursery

I am featuring Christine’s nursery on the blog today. She is a close friend of mine who had her son, James, about a month before N was born. I remember walking in to see the room… I loved how she put together the nursery and the feeling you had when you were in the room.  I wanted to share some pictures of the nursery with you and let Christine tell you a bit about it!

First of all, thank you for sharing your nursery! I really do love how you put this room together. What do you think when you walk in each morning?

Thanks! When I walk in and see James standing in his crib saying da da da with a big smile on his face, I see how much he loves his room. Creating a calm peaceful space with hits of colour was important to us.
When we are in the space we feel cheerful and calm.


What was your design inspiration?

Months before the room was even painted, I found a bedspread from Homesense that had a geometric print. We didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl, so grey, white and yellow became our colour scheme. When I studied art history and painting in University I learned a lot about the properties of colour. When designing spaces I tend to approach the space like a painting. I see furniture as geometric lines and use colour as a guide for the viewer’s eye. I always like to add contrasting colours as well as complimentary colours to give the space depth and interest. For instance, we chose blue curtains with an interesting moroccan inspired designs to contrast with the bold geometric lines found on the bed spread. The deep blues really brought out the crispness of the yellow. We were also inspired by the room itself. We took advantage of the interesting shape by finding a bed and crib that fits perfectly in the little nooks of the room.



Did your husband help at all?

My husband Matt painted the room grey and also painted the horizontal lines on the wall behind the day bed. He also put the furniture together and helped to hang the book shelves and frames.

That’s cute, he definitely wanted to help create this space with you! Tell us about the bed, why did you want to add a bed in the nursery?

Since we had the extra space for a bed we decided to create a cozy area for reading together before naps and bed time. In the future it will become James’ big boy bed.




What are some of your favourite details of the room?

My favourite details are the prints we found from Etsy. They are original magazine pages from a 1930’s magazine of a dog that is dressed up in clothes. The white terrier reminded us of our whoodle Charlie and the clothes the dog was wearing was brightly coloured. It also brings a touch a whimsy and playfulness perfect for a little boys room.

etsy print

When was the nursery ready?

The nursery was completely ready a month before James arrived.




James arrived 2 weeks after his due date, did you make any last-minute changes as you waited patiently for him to arrive?

The weeks leading up to James’ arrival were spent folding and re folding all of his tiny clothes!



Do you have any advice for parents who are about to start planning a nursery?

My advice would be to create a space that you and your husband both love. Nine months is a long time to decorate a room. Enjoy having the time and don’t do everything at the last-minute. Once the baby arrives decorating becomes a distant memory! Also plan to keep decorative items on a high shelf. Now that James is crawling and attempting to walk we can no longer keep items on the side table. We also knew that once James starting standing in his crib we would have to move the crib away from the curtains. Make sure you have space to reconfigure the furniture if you have to.

Thanks again Christine for sharing your nursery with us!

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