Baby Gear Suggestions from a New Mom

Obviously I’m still very new to this world of motherhood but I thought I would share some of the items I couldn’t live without since Nathan was born, up to where he is now (4 months).


1- 4moms mamaRoo I fell in love with this the minute Nathan stopped crying when I put him in it. He falls asleep in it sometimes or just hangs out. Having this has not affected how he goes to sleep at night, I was afraid that he would get used to the rocking.

2- He has loved his Baby Einstein play mat from about 3 weeks and on. I’m sure he will get over it eventually but he loves the music and flashing lights. I would recommend buying extra links so you can have fun moving the toys around and adding on.

3- I own this Bouncer but my parents bought this rocker and it’s great as well. It’s easy to move around so you can keep you baby occupied while doing things in other rooms.

4- Ah Goo Baby’s the Ark I love this changing pad!

5- Aden + Anais swaddles, take your pick because whatever design/collection you chose, you won’t be disappointed. I use these to swaddle N, put over the car seat, play time on the floor, or use as a blanket.

6- This little baby sleeping bag by 7 A.M. Enfant has been amazing to have this winter. It’s so adaptable – I use it in the car seat, in the bassinet when I walked outside and in a baby sleigh. I ordered medium so we can use it next winter as well! Make sure you check out all of their products. In Canada you can buy their product at Modern Karibou

7- I love having these bins from The Land of Nod on our main floor, we use them to store every day baby items and toys. I am sure I will be visiting this site a lot as N gets older.

8- I love having a diaper genie, I like having all the diapers in one bag and it really locks in the odour.

Now for the big one…. our stroller. After looking at all the strollers on the market and one of my best friends recommending it, we chose the Uppababy Vista. I won’t go into details why we chose it but you can find a great review on it over at Mom’s Stroller Reviews. It was really hard choosing one because there are so many out there but I’m really happy with our choice. The bassinet that comes with the stroller has been very useful, especially on all those walks in his first couple of months, and Nathan still sleeps in it when visiting his grandparents.


If there are any items that you cannot live without, please share!! Especially after 4 months!:)