Throwback Thursday: Past renovations

In 2007, Matt and I bought our first house and our goal was to flip it. It was definitely a great experience and we were successful! It’s crazy looking through these pictures because this is not our style at all but we were trying to make it pretty neutral. The house sold in September 2008! I didn’t take too many great pictures, not sure why but here are a few.


front entrance

Master Bathroom

Master bath

master bath 2


Tthere was red carpet in the kitchen!! I usually wore shoes in the kitchen until we started renos!

Kitchen floor



Powder Room

See the yellowish tinge on the before? that was from cigarette SMOKE! you can see the original colour on some of the spots where a hand towel hung and where a painting was hanging over the toilet, how disgusting!!

powder room

Hardest part of this house flip? I would say refinishing the floors… we always said that if we could get through that weekend then our relationship could withstand anything that came our way. Oh and painting the exterior brick on the house, that was tough. I’m not sure if I would do that again, it turned out pretty nice but I feel like it could have gone wrong easily and that would be a huge cost to fix.