Throwback Thursday: Honeymoon in Hawaii

I’m starting a new series for Sweet Maple, I’m participating in Throwback Thursday’s! I want to share a bit more about myself before I started Sweet Maple!

If you follow Just Bella on Instagram you will have seen the beautiful shots she has posted of where she is right now, Hawaii! It made me reminisce about our honeymoon in Hawaii which was 4 years ago. I loved Hawaii, it was a perfect balance of relaxation and adventure. We went to 3 different islands, Oahu, the Big Island and Maui.

In Oahu we stayed at Waikiki Parc, best part about staying here? Nobu Waikiki was in our hotel! We loved exploring the island, it’s not very big so we rented a convertible, visited Pearl Harbour, North Shore and drove back down the east coast and hiked up Diamond Head (I did this after eating a huge burger which wasn’t a good idea). One very cool thing we got to do was go on a LOST tour… we were huge fans of the show and this was around the time of the last season, we missed filming by a few weeks, we did meet Sayid in Counter Burger!

Hawaii2009 012-1

Hawaii2009 045 Hawaii2009 119

Hawaii2009 070 Hawaii2009 061

Hawaii2009 081 Hawaii2009 077

We then flew to the Big Island mainly to check out the active volcano. We stayed in Kona at the King Kamehameha Beach Hotel. It was very different from Oahu, not too much to do at night but during the day you had so many options. We drove to the other side of the island to check out Volcanoes National Park– where we hiked and walked along the Kilauea Iki lake of lava, Akaka State park, checked out Hilo (one of the wettest cities in the world, has an average rainfall of 127 inches!), black sand beaches and former towns that were taken by past eruptions. We hiked out at night to see the lava flowing into the ocean which was very cool.

Hawaii2009 381 Hawaii2009 470

Hawaii2009 174 Hawaii2009 162

Hawaii2009 519 Hawaii2009 173

Finally, we ended our trip in Maui! Stayed at the Fairmont Kea Lani and it was beautiful. We did do the road to Hana in our rented jeep but it really wasn’t too bad, maybe during the rainy season it would be a different story. They say if plants died and went to heaven, it would be Hana.. we couldn’t agree more, it was worth the drive and didn’t take that long. We went to a traditional Hawaiian Luau which I would highly recommend, checked out the town of Paia (if you ever go here, make sure you visit the flatbread company), went on a snorkeling trip to the Molokini crater (I was scared to see a tiger shark), swam with turtles and went zip-lining!

Hawaii2009 210Hawaii2009 216-5

Hawaii2009 217 Hawaii2009 823-Big

Hawaii2009 847

Hawaii2009 915

Hawaii2009 199

Two things I realized while going through these pictures… 1. I can’t wait to go back to Hawaii 2. I can’t believe I haven’t lost my Prada glasses after 4 years!! Let’s hope I can keep them for another 4!