My long weekend

We just finished a nice long weekend… The civic day weekend always feels great because you still have just under 2 months left of summer. I spent my weekend picking out paint for the nursery, going out for dinner with great friends at the Martini House and a mini summer road trip to visit family who lives just past Stratford. On our little road trip we knew that we wanted to check out Boomers Gourmet Fries, it was closed the last time we passed by so we wanted to get there nice and early… well it was closed!! Apparently their boss, Sue, gives her staff a break by closing EVERY long weekend, thanks Sue!

With picking out the paint for the nursery I wanted something soft with grey but not too cool. I turned to my Sarah Richardson paint collection and found Oyster/SR3. Unfortunately Lowes no longer carries her line (did you know this?!). You can either try to find the existing colour in the Para Paint line to match the SR colour or get it colour matched at a different paint store.

long weekend

At the top of my to-do list for this week is to finally pick an outdoor wall light next to our front door. I was leaning toward this light for the longest time but could never hit the order button…

progress lighting


and then after creeping through neighbourhoods the other night, I realized I like the 3 bulb lanterns


Filament design Feiss lighting

What do you think? if you have seen better options, please share!!:)