Flooring options

Our main floor will consist of hardwood and tile. The tile is going to be in the front entrance, which is 55 sq ft and the remaining 900 sq ft will be hardwood.

With hardwood, we like the look of wide boards, medium tone, and something that was hand-scraped. Jen from Rambling Renovators recently posted a picture from Diane Keaton’s Pinterest Board and it was exactly what I was thinking of when I thought of our hardwood floor.

Diane Keaton Pinterest

When looking at hardwood, look at your lifestyle before making your purchase. We knew that we would be getting a dog in the next year and kids will be coming into our lives soon, so a high gloss, smooth, flat board would not work with our family. Any future marks can now blend into the hand-scraped boards. Going into the store with all of this in mind made it easy to come home with some options!

Flooring options

One note I would like to make is all of the boards are hardwood except the sample on the bottom left corner, this is engineered wood. I know there are some nice options but this sample had the hand-scraped look and it looked very plastic to me, so if you are looking into flooring options make you get some samples from both sides. There are other considerations to keep in mind as well. I always thought hardwood would be really expensive but it came to 4.79/sq ft, which fit our budget!

We ended up choosing the Oak Whiskey!

the winner

With our tile, it was a bit trickier. Sarah’s House 4 inspired me to look at 12×24 porcelain tiles with a natural appearance.

Sarah's House 4 Entryway

It was definitely tough to find what I was looking for but I came up with 4 options


We decided on the Eramosa but I was still hesitating because I felt like I needed something a bit lighter and with more gray tones. I went back and found another option and it was the winner!!

Tile options 2

When you see this tile up against the Eramosa tile you can really see how beige it is. I am much happier with the lightness of it and how it has more warm gray tones in it.