Picking a new front door

I have some fun decisions to make in the next couple of weeks! The first is deciding what style of front door we want! While searching for one I have realized there are many styles I DON’T like. I won’t post any as I don’t want to offend any one but there are some interesting doors out there! Here is what I had of my list of wants in a front door:

  • Only 1 door as I find that’s really all you need
  • Two side panels to add more light
  • No decorative glass in the panels
  • Straight clean lines on the door
  • I didn’t have a preference what material, design was the most important

If you are looking for some help picking out the type of door check out this article on Houzz

Here were my options (would customize glass and colours after)

# 1


# 3

# 4

Now with the 4th option we wouldn’t have space for the insert at the top but this was my closest option to the front door Sarah Richardson picked for Sarah’s House 4 which I loved! Ahhh Sarah… why does every room she designs have to look so perfect?

Sarah's House 4via Sarah Richardson Design

In the end I went with #2, the solid steel door. I loved the simplicity of the design and I like how it is a bit more modern with the lines on the door as I plan on mixing styles throughout my home. I didn’t want something that looked like a builder’s option, you won’t see this door on many homes in my area.

# 4 was a close 2nd however the company we were getting our doors and windows from said they couldn’t offer a glass design that was frosted or like a satin finish. I started to doubt my decision on the satin finish as I drove around in affluent neighbourhoods only seeing clear glass (Yes, this is how I research my options). We ended up asking our friends who have clear glass panels and they said they felt like they didn’t have enough privacy with the clear glass, so that made my decision easier!

Up next…. Kitchen cabinet doors!