Make your own pinboard

If you haven’t already tried this out, please do yourself a favour and make a pinboard for your office or for a central spot where you can always use some extra organization or inspiration. I know everyone is loving the chalkboard paint at the moment (if you don’t know what I’m talking about just google “chalkboard paint” on Pinterest) but with a pinboard you can display your favourite pictures, notes, articles and anything else you can think of. I made one years ago and it was very easy!

Just to be clear, I’m not talking about the old school bulletin board you see would see in offices or elementary school classrooms…

Oldschool Bulletin Board

You can make a very stylish board that will work with the colours in your room and most importantly, it adds another fabric into the room!! For all of the Sarah Richardson fans you know this is very important.

What you will need:

1. Frame (could also use crown moulding fashioned into a rectangle of any size)

2. Fabric

3. Cork – I bought a roll of it from Michaels

4. Foam board – bought this from Michaels

5. Tape

After I bought everything, I took it into Michaels and talked to a friendly guy at the custom framing counter. He actually taped the fabric to the back of the cork and foam board at no charge. Here’s a tip: go to the store at a really quiet time and hopefully they will be able to help you!



I would show you the front of the board but I really hate the fabric. I bought it before I knew about fabrics stores like Designer Fabrics and Tonic Living. I would like to create a new board that is much bigger for my home office (this was in my kitchen) which will look something like this…


Source Sarah Richardson

Here are some fun fabrics that would look great on your new pinboard

swedishowls gazebocloudcombo

ripplespeach springmixaloe

fauxboisgray hollandvapor

gladstoneblackwhite gazeboumber400plus

All fabrics shown are from Tonic Living

There is nothing wrong with using the regular business push pins but there are some stylish ones out there too

Etsy push pins anthro push pins