Happy New Year everyone!! With the holidays over I am now getting around to organizing pictures from our trip! I’ll start off with London as this was our 1st stop. We only spent 2 nights in London. Originally we hadn’t planned to check it out but since the flight to Paris had a stop in London we thought it would be a good idea.

If you haven’t been to London, you won’t be disappointed! We were definitely surprised how much we liked the city. It is expensive, everything is pretty much the same price as Canada but then you have to convert it to pounds, not fun.  We stayed at the Rubens at the Palace which was very nice, I would recommend it but we were the youngest people there. You can’t go wrong with picking any hotel from the Red Carnation hotel chain in London. My 2nd choice would have been The Ampersand Hotel as it got really good reviews and in South Kensington.

We were able to get around to all the major attractions via the tube, it was very EASY to navigate. Just load money onto an oyster card for each person and you are good to go.  As for touring London, we went on the big bus tours which was nice but I think if we were to go back we would go with one of the black cab tours or bike tours found on trip advisor. We were on that bus for WAY too long as it makes many stops. Speaking of black cabs, make sure you take a ride in one! Yes, it costs more money but it was pretty cool. We found out they have to study for at least 2 years and pass an exam. They have to memorize 25,000 streets in London!! Crazy! We went on the London eye which was good, make sure you buy tickets in advance. I really wanted to take a tour in the Westminster abbey and the tower of London but we didn’t have time. We did check out Richard III at the Apollo Theatre, it was a very cool experience! If you happen to be in London during Christmas make sure you visit Hyde Park, they have quite the Christmas festival set up there!

Let me know if you have been to London and any recommendations you have so I can check them out next time I go!