Our floor plans for the main floor renovation

Finally… I’m so excited to share the plans for our main floor renovation.

This is our existing floor plan. You can see how much living space we have and how it is all broken up. The room on the back was the addition that was built by the previous owners. After the addition was added the kitchen is now in the middle and feels like a dungeon sometimes, always have to have lights on to see what you are doing! So when we bought this house we definitely saw a lot of potential with the main floor…


Here are the proposed plans for the new space


As you can see the dining room is now at the front of the house – we always imagined the kitchen and dining room at the back and the living room at the front but when Darren came in for our consultation, the first question he asked us was “why do you have to have the living room at the front?”… well Darren, that is a very good question and I didn’t have a good reason, I guess we were just following traditional floor plans. So his first suggestion was to move the living area and the kitchen to the back with a  nice window and sliding doors in the back to enjoy the view of our backyard.  We are removing the wall in between the addition and the rest of the house but to do this we have to put in a post which will be in the kitchen island. You can see an empty space next to the living room and above the pantry, we are not sure what this will be. Darren suggested a little hub with a desk and a chair but we do have an office downstairs so I’m not sure. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

I love everything about this plan but some of the highlights for me are when you walk in the front door we will have a proper foyer and you will be able to see the stairs going up to the bedroom floor and you will be able to look straight to the back of the house (always loved seeing stairs when you walk into a home, so I’ll take looking at just a few steps). And I am very excited to be getting a walk-in pantry and a servery.

We start the demo this coming week, I promise to keep you posted!! Should be interesting!