More finds at the Christie Antique Show

Can you believe it’s September 12? I feel like I’m still in August! It’s been a crazy but fun month so far, the Toronto Film Festival is on – you can find me hiding out in Toronto viewing movies, trying out new restaurants or stalking celebs;)

In the midst of the TIFF action, I was at the Christie Antique Show Saturday. I knew I couldn’t miss the show so I drove home from Toronto Friday night in the pouring rain hoping I wouldn’t hydroplane across the road. Mom if you are reading this, don’t worry, it wasn’t that bad. I managed to get home around 3:30am! I thought with the amount of rain that fell Christie would be cancelled… so when Matt woke me up around 8:30 asking what I was doing I thought it couldn’t hurt to check it out. I was shocked to see everyone there, definitely a smaller crowd so it was nice. They really don’t joke around when they say “rain or shine” and are well prepared, you couldn’t even tell it rained so much.  This was the first time Matt came with me and he actually enjoyed it… I think it’s because he has been watching all of those shows on A&E like American pickers.

We found these 3 pendants to hang over the kitchen island (see them here in the final reveal) – $300 for all 3! Matt will take care of re-wiring and I will need to find a place that specializes in decorative chrome plating. If you have any ideas, please share!

Possible entryway light? if it doesn’t work I will add it to my future cottage:) – $30

Wine Barrel from France for our garden – $50. I was very pleased with this as I was looking on Kijiji for a while and couldn’t find one for a decent price

Very excited about this purchase, a pantry door for our new pantry!! $70 I know I have some work to do but can’t wait to see how it turns out – **update, I made this into a sliding door in our kitchen!!

Some random pics

That is a lot of cheese!

Can you imagine using this back in the day?

Obligatory creepy doll picture from the antique show, Matt actually pointed out this gem – I was creeped out just uploading this…

And my feet weren’t too bad by the time I left…