Our renovation has begun

Happy Monday! I just wanted to give you an update on our main floor renovation!

We always had an idea of what we wanted to do with the main floor so we didn’t think it would be too difficult putting it on paper. Once we met with a friend of Matt’s to help us get the proposed plans on paper we realized it wasn’t as easy as we thought! We know that the first step is to get a solid design plan and this wasn’t happening because something just wasn’t working. So I decided to contact a local architect for a free consultation. He came up with a fresh design that we hadn’t considered before! We really enjoyed hearing his ideas and how much experience he was bringing to the table. Deciding on whether or not to use him was hard because on one hand we did get through our renovation on the floor with the sunroom however I felt like this was different – We are moving around walls and completely redesigning the floor.  If you are going to be embarking on some major renovations I think it definitely can pay off to meet with someone. In the end we felt like it would be a great fit to work with him. He is even going to take care of getting the necessary permits from the City. We are very excited! We are still taking care of the labour, we will not be going with a contractor, so once things get started it will be a bit crazy! They came over last week to do a site measure of the floor plan.

This morning I submitted our wish list and pictures of how we want the rooms to look like.  I’m not going to lie, making a wish list is pretty awesome! We are really enjoying this process, just taking our time with a few things…