Kitchen Inspiration

Time to start putting ideas together for our main floor renovation! Some people would already have their inspiration board ready months before they start renovating but we are 1-2 months away and I do not have anything. I have an idea of how we would like our kitchen to look like but I just need to sort through my magazines and on the internet for some pictures of what I want! I am not stressing at this point but I do want to make sure we do this right. I am very grateful to have this chance to design my kitchen but I do feel a bit of pressure because I don’t think an opportunity like this will come around again.

I would like to share with you what I have found so far, but first here is a picture of what our kitchen looks like now.

We did paint the countertops and cabinets when we moved in as a temporary fix. This is what the counters looked like before a couple coats of paint

Lovely, right? I know now that I have posted these pictures they are going to show up all over Pinterest on the ‘Dream Home’ boards.

Here are some kitchens that I wouldn’t mind spending time in…

West coast classic kitchen 1