Sweet Taste of Summer

Summer is finally here and we kicked it off in the best spot… a cottage! We are very lucky to have our sister-in-law’s parents graciously allow us to come up to their cottage throughout the year. Winter is nice but I love the cottage in the summer, I’m sure most people do. My favourite spot is in the lake lounging. I am looking forward to our next trip up in August!

Okay… so onto my update on our spring project. Everything is finished! Yay!! Well, except one thing – we need to find caps for the fence posts. I need to get into the local Rona or Home Depot and price it out. We have 31 posts and we don’t have much money left in the budget for the fence so I need to find a good option! If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!

We are working on the landscaping in the backyard and hoping to finish over the Canada Day weekend! I should have some pictures up soon!

Enjoy the rest of the your week…. the long weekend is almost here!