Christie Antique Show this weekend!!

I am very excited for this show, it only happens twice a year, once in May and then in September. It’s located in Christie Lake Conservation Area in Dundas off Hwy 5. I feel like I sometimes have to defend myself when I tell someone I’m going to this show.  Some people think that if you go to an Antique Sale you are only looking for something to add to an old home, like your grandparents but really you can find something that will work with most decor. Style at Home even did a feature that highlighted recycling with style, you just have to use your imagination! Some things you can buy and won’t need to touch but you will pay a bit more money.

Christie Antique Show Fall 2010

I purchased this dresser for $250 that I have in our guest room and one day (not sure when) will use in a nursery:)

I bought this old window frame and kitchen door with some old wire hooks, I can’t remember the exact price but I think I bargained to get both for $30

Christie finds 2010

I painted the window frame and hung it up in one of our guest rooms. I haven’t figured out what to do with the door yet, could go in our mudroom or I will find another spot!

Spring 2011

I wanted to find a table and something else for our sunroom and mudroom that we were renovating that summer (I will be posting pictures of this renovation in a later post). I must say, I did pretty well…

Found this table for $15

I had Matt cut down the legs a bit and put a fresh coat of paint… it fit right in our sunroom!

Picked up a bench for $55

and with 3 coats of paint it now sits in our mudroom

I spent $85 on this ladder. Was a bit more than I wanted to spend but it was the tone I was looking for and it came from an apple orchard! It has a permanent home in our sunroom.

The best tip I could give is to arrive early! The show opens at 8 am and it’s only one day! We are usually finished by 11. You have to move quickly, if you think you want something, don’t take too much time deciding if you should buy it because when you come back around it will most likely be gone. It won’t take long before you see the staff picking up the bigger items and taking them to the holding area

Wear proper attire because it could be muddy, this show is open rain or shine!

You will see some interesting items for sale, not sure who would buy this…

I can’t get enough of the creepy dolls that I see at the show… some of these would cost over $150 to buy!

Just remember to have fun! I went last September and didn’t find anything for myself but I picked up some cool pictures for my dad from out East which is where most of his family is from. It’s a great experience. You will see some expensive pieces but if you are looking for a bargain I’m sure you will find something!! I will be looking for something to put in our kitchen, dining room and/or living room after the renovations are completed… I will let you know how it goes!