My First Garage Sale of the Season

On my way back from the gym on Saturday morning I decided to check out some of the garage sales in my neighbourhood because I saw so many signs the night before. I love a good deal but I’m used to buying old things from Christie Antique Show so I wasn’t expecting to buy much. At my first stop I checked out some crystal votive holders and I was shocked when  the guy told me he wanted 50 cents!! I also paid $1 for a glass cover that reminded me of a cloche (bell jar).  I was looking for a cloche back in December – In my Christmas issue of House & Home I saw an article with this picture of Gold-rimmed cloches and I wanted them.

I thought I could use them for my Christmas decorations and add pine cones or glass ornaments in it.

{ Christmas Cloches }

I called the store Love the Design to ask about them but they were sold out! I even saw one that was similar in Urban barn but it was over $30 so I just forgot about until this past Saturday….

In garage sale world I was VERY late driving around, it was probably around 10 am but I wanted to find one more thing so I kept driving and found another sale that looked like it would okay… sitting on a shelf was a glass cloche! The owner wanted 50 cents! I felt bad giving him a loonie and waiting for my change but it seems that’s how it works! I was so happy that I found one.

My purchases… Total = $2.00

Here are some ideas you could use if you own a cloche or see one at your next garage sale

{ Restoration Hardware }

{ Morning T }

{ DIY Window Garden }

{ Summer Decor }

I can’t wait for next Saturday. I think I will skip the gym and start at 8am. Let me know if you have any garage sale tips!!