Welcome to Sweet Maple!

I first fell in love with design when I watched Sarah’s House 1. I couldn’t believe what Sarah and Tommy could do with a room. I loved the challenge of making 6 different fabrics work together or visiting an antique show to see what I could find and how to make it work with new pieces. Since that first season I can’t get enough of Sarah Richardson, I subscribe to House & Home, Style At Home, love reading other design blogs and I can’t stop thinking or discussing with friends about what my next design project/home renovation will be!

My husband and I make a great team, I can rely on him to do the construction (he is very handy) and I will take care of all the painting, designing the room and decorating. We both have full-time jobs that do not have anything to do with design or general construction but we find time, make it work and save a lot of money along the way!

I wanted to start my own blog to document the transformations that are going to happen to our home. We bought this house 3 years ago, dreaming of what it could be. It is a 4 level side-split with an addition on the back. We knew the renovations would cost a lot, even with doing most of it on our own. We have made cosmetic upgrades around the house and renovated the 2nd level which includes an office, powder room, mudroom and sunroom. Everything in the home was original from the 1960’s but we wanted it this way. Our house is in the suburbs, not too far from Toronto. We are now ready to tear apart the main floor and start over! As Sarah would say, “It’s tough work but stick with me. I’ll show you how to get the home you want.”